Urgent .. Peshmerga advancing 10 km in depth Daash sites

Peshmerga forces managed to achieve more progress towards towards sites Daash after a military operation with the support of the international airline alliance.
Kurdish officer's, "Our forces managed to control progress and an area of 10 km in depth Daash sites near Mosul, and the restoration of villages Obzach and delays Tel Hamid Kerkhh and Hamra said."
He added that the international airline alliance bombed wheel driven by a suicide bomber tried to target the progress of the Peshmerga.
The process began under the direct supervision of the President of the Kurdistan region , Massoud Barzani, after heavy shelling and air strikes from Wardak , located 30 kilometers southeast of Mosul , where some of the Peshmerga forces deployed.
And you could see columns of black smoke rising from a distance as a result of firing Daash terrorist fighters probably tires or other things to disrupt the aircraft 's ability to vision.