The arrest of the accused with a crime, one of them killed his son

It announced the police directorate in Basra on Sunday that its forces have arrested a number of those accused of criminal offenses in different parts of the province, noting that one of them is accused of murdering his son through shackled and tortured.
According to the directorate said in a statement, he said that " the police forces carried out a security crackdown led to the arrest of a number of defendants charged with various criminal offenses , " indicating that "among them charged with murder , was arrested district whey, and another is accused of theft , was arrested in the district of Qurna (district center), it was also arrested another accused of theft in Hartha hand. "
She drew the Directorate within the statement that " the police also arrested accused of embezzlement and fraud in the stronghold region, while the cast detachment protect Sadr Teaching Hospital , located in Albradaah area arrested three suspects for possession of narcotic substances and tools for drug abuse , " adding that " the strength of the police have arrested in Faw on the accused for murder against his son, where he was arrested in accordance with Article 405 of the Penal Code. "