Reconstruction Fund: Berlin is committed to accelerating the German Development Bank loan for Iraq

Prime Fund announced the reconstruction of areas affected by the terrorist attacks of Abdel Basset Turki, on Saturday, the new ambassador of the State of Germany promised to accelerate the German Development Bank loan for Iraq.
Said Abdul Basit Turki said in a statement received "long", a copy of it, during a meeting with the new German ambassador in Iraq Franz Joseph crimp, said that "Iraq is estimated to help friendly countries, stood with him, especially in light of his need for the reconstruction of regions devastated by terrorism."
He said Turki, said "the meeting discussed in place a loan of the German Development Bank, which will be submitted to Iraq and ways to accelerate the implementation of technical and related issues, as well as Germany's support to the efforts and work of UNFPA," stressing that "the ambassador promised to accelerate the loan fund allocated to the devastated areas and begin Bamarha to be able to."
The head of the reconstruction of the affected areas fund terrorist operations, announced in the (20 July 2016), that Germany and Japan Abdia their readiness to contribute actively to the reconstruction of liberated areas from the control of the organization (Daash), and as he emphasized that the German side will lend Iraq $ 500 million euros in this regard, he stressed the contribution of Japan through an international conference to support the stability and the humanitarian situation of the displaced people in the US capital Washington.
The reconstruction of areas affected by terrorism Fund announced on Monday (August 13, 2016), for receiving an invitation from the Islamic Development Bank to discuss ways the reconstruction of areas affected by the operations of "terrorist".
And the reconstruction fund, "The Islamic Development Bank extended an invitation to the President of the reconstruction of the affected areas of fund terrorist operations Abdul Basit Turki Saeed, a representative of the Iraqi Central Bank and a representative of the World Bank to visit the bank's headquarters in Jeddah soon."
The fund added that "The visit aims to discuss the reconstruction of areas affected by the terrorist attacks and the possibility of bank support for reconstruction projects," returned to "the Islamic Development Bank is the international body responsible for the coordination of international efforts for reconstruction in Iraq."
The Islamic Development Bank President Ahmad Mohamed Ali expressed, on Saturday (26 March 2016), readiness of the Islamic Bank to contribute to the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the liberated areas of the organization (Daash) in Iraq, as he pointed to "the possibility of developing important programs and under the supervision of the Iraqi government for the reconstruction of those areas. "
Iraq has been the security situation is exceptional since June 2014 and continuing military and security operations Mahrzh remarkable progress to expel the organization (Daash) of the areas that is spreading in the provinces of Nineveh, Salahuddin and Anbar while waiting for thousands of displaced people to return to their areas, which is still under the control of the organization (Daash).
It mentions that the liberated areas of (Daash) suffer from great destruction hinders the possibility of the return to the people, in the absence of government's ability to ages as a result of the financial crisis currently facing due to the drop in world oil prices and the expenses of the war against "terrorism."