Sunday Times: Manbej residents burn shave beards and burqas to celebrate the defeat of Daash

The Sunday Times newspaper reported in its edition on Sunday, a report prepared by Louise Klagan defeat "Daash" in the town of Manbej and relieve citizens of manifestations forced to shave their beards for men , which were forced to release and burn veils for women who have been forced to wear.
The paper believes that, grab Manbej is a turning point in the war in Syria, and evidenced by the images of people celebrating the departure of the elements of what is known as "Daash."
The response gunmen backed by US special forces have regained control of the town Manbej after months of fighting in which 1,500 people including 400 civilians were killed, according to reports.
Women and expressed their happiness Balzgarrid, and joined the men and boys revelers in the streets, and some cried and laughed some others and he hugged fighters who liberated the town, they are a mixture of Kurds and Arabs known as "Syrian forces of democracy."