Investment opportunities Karbala model

Author: Yasser incumbent

8/14/2016 0:00

Indicators suggest that there are opportunities to stimulate investment despite the conditions experienced by the country, and we delay too much despite the availability of its requirements and Iraq 's possession of natural riches confirms the strong position to him , even though it is invested, and that there is an investment law enjoyed great privileges are encouraging and attractive allow investors to work high smoothly, but where 's the problem?

in fact , suffer most of our provinces of the defect in the organization and this is evident by not her testimony of the Act
also suffer from poor planning and do not put the priorities of the investment any random choices sometimes based on self - interest and here lies the problem.

We are in the (morning) are following closely the investment activities in the whole of Iraq and we have pointed out in this column to the experience of Kurdistan and how it has achieved significant and we continue to monitor initiatives and Nahrha achievements.?

now has initiated Karbala province to declare a typical investment opportunity organization and integrated planning the establishment of integrated services in a new city to accommodate Alttorkabar witnessed in the province by local government is keen to develop their city and as befits its history and heritage.

in fact, the designs offered on TV screens dazzled everyone in its beauty and its contents reflected the keenness of the province to provide integrated investment opportunity can be called a model fantastic investment opportunities. We hope to succeed.

Eight local government is required to succeed in this great opportunity, through block predators and Alnfiean who are trying to put a spoke in the wheel of development and growth for the exit of this strategic project model to the ground, the project model should be an incentive for the provinces that enjoy the stability of security in order to follow suit in order to activate the desired economic growth factors.

in this context , we see that there are great investment opportunities in the southern provinces , particularly in the tourism sector , where the marshes designs waiting for investment opportunities accrue benefits beyond Alinvt.uha revenues from other investment opportunities provided the economic viability be present to address the situation of the provinces economically Let our motto Karbala specimen investment opportunities.