Iraq: The organization of commercial agency step to re - adjust Markets Act

August 13, 2016

The organization of the business, the most important obligations of a successful economy, which seeks to him all economies in the world , Where the field includes all economic transactions, whether internal or external level.

Like the Iraqi market need to organize the business, especially with the circumstances of Iraq today, and the suffering of the economy, to be able to adjust the economic process, and out of the harsh economic conditions that prevailed.

In a positive step, the Cabinet announced recently agreed on a draft Commercial Agency Regulatory Act, and, as is well known, this law aims to regulate the agency commercial acts exercised in Iraq and the agent for the benefit of a natural or legal person from outside Iraq, and monitor the activity of commercial agents, as well as modern trade legislation and the completion of the legislative system of the business and organize registration of commercial agencies and the relationship between the agent and the principal on its side procedural.

Here we attach the bill as described in the following documents: