Parliament votes on three Bills including your reward terrorism {Extender}

2016/8/13 15:26

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

House voted at its eleventh regular headed by Selim Jabouri and attend 200 deputies Saturday on three laws including the law on counter terrorism with finished reading one Bill.

According to a statement to the House of representatives received a copy of {Euphrates news} "at the beginning of the meeting followed a statement which denounced Valley Councilwoman Khadija cowardly action that targeted Basra car bomb attack last Thursday, noting that the soft areas targeted by terrorism is a cowardly reaction to its inability to meet men of the armed forces and the popular crowd, prompting the Interior Ministry to accelerate preparing County auto detect explosives."

Councilwoman called for the Ministry of defence to the Valley forming a combat Brigade from the province to save its internal security and border security with neighboring countries with increased attention to security forces and reopen volunteering and working to honor both Messrs Razak Assaf and Walid Khalid by the House of their car's in Muthanna Governorate.

The Board read surat al fatiha prayer for the souls of the martyrs of Iraq in General and particularly in Muthanna Province, the President said the security and Defense Committee rework demands and introduced a resolution for the purpose of voting in the Council.

The Council voted on membership mp Jassim Mohammed Jafar instead of placeholders in the dew Committee of experts chose the members of the High Commissioner for human rights.

For his part the Chairman Jabouri to having requests from a number of representatives of the components on the membership of the Committee will be displayed in a session next Monday.

The President of the Council noted that the accountability and Justice Committee to be held in the presence of the Council Presidency tomorrow a meeting to settle some details of the accountability and justice law.

The Presidency decided to postpone the vote on the Amnesty bill submitted by legal and human rights commissions to a Monday deadline at the request of the legal Committee.

Then the Council voted on a draft law against terrorism and of security and defence and legal committees for the purpose of effectively addressing the terrorist operations which target State and citizens and their property and to take all appropriate measures to eliminate terrorism through the creation of specialized hardware to do the job.

Jabouri President stressed that legislation is an achievement for the House of representatives and in recognition for his efforts in the face of ISIS and the fight against terrorism.

The Board completed voting on bills believe letters and notes and Exchange discussions on Japanese loan to the Republic of Iraq signed on 2015/5/25 from foreign relations committees, finance, economy and investment, services and construction which comes to strengthen financial ties between the two countries and in recognition of the development efforts in Iraq.

President of the Council drew attention to the importance of ratifying the Japanese loans being shares in electricity reform and the other regards the reconstruction project in Kurdistan

On the discussion of travel abroad student Attorney Khaled Asadi applicant to adjourn the debate until the presence of Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari.

Jabouri President postponed the discussion until the appointment of the Foreign Minister to the Council.

On the other hand the Council completed its first reading of the draft law on compensation for victims of Justice and of human rights and legal committees to ensure the compensation of persons for damages as a result of error or abuse of detained or arrested, or sentenced to be included for voting on principle at a later meeting.

The Presidency decided to postpone the first reading of the draft law on compensation for victims of the refugee camps of the uprising and of legal committees and deportees and displaced persons.

The Presidency decided to postpone the first reading of the draft law on the powers of the President and legal Committee pending the receipt of clarification from the Chair alhamhoret on amendments in the Council postponed reading report and discussion of the Bill at the request of the Statistical Commission on the economy and investment in addition to postpone the report and discuss a bill of Iraqi academics Union committees of higher education and research, legal, financial and civil society organizations at the request of the concerned commissions then decided to adjourn until next Monday.