[Where] publishes anti-terrorism device law

2016/8/13 15:06

[Oan- Baghdad]

Published by all of Iraq [where] the text of the anti-terror apparatus, which was approved by parliament in its meeting on Saturday Act.

According to the text of the law: Based on what passed the House of Representatives and approved by the Presidency of the Republic, according to the provisions of subsection [first] article [61] and item [III] of Article 73 of the Constitution, No. [] for the year 2016, the fight against terrorism a law:

Chapter One: Establishment and objectives

First: Article 1

establishes a so-called anti-terrorism device] has a moral personality is associated with General Commander of the Armed Forces is represented by head of the agency or his nominee.
Second is the fight against terrorism, a device security and intelligence agencies.

Article 2

First: the machine is designed to combat all forms of terrorism and eliminate it.

Second it intended to fight terrorism measures and actions that will prevent and deter terrorism in order to eliminate it.


device seeks to achieve its goals the following means:

First: develop a policy and a comprehensive strategy to fight terrorism and develop.

IMPLEMENTATION security operations and strategic plans with regard to fighting terrorism effectively targeted, and in order according to the law.

A-implementation monitoring, inspection and investigation operations and based on judicial orders

B-control communications and social networking sites and websites and based on judicial orders.

C-implementation of the arrest warrants issued by the competent judge according to the law against terrorism.

D-conducting the investigation placed caught by judicial investigators under the supervision of a competent judge.

E Coordinate and cooperate and exchange information with the security services and related devices.

And-coordination, cooperation and the exchange of relevant anti-terrorism with the counterpart of Arab and foreign countries setups information.

G-track terrorist financing sources in order to dry them in cooperation and coordination with the Anti-Money Laundering Office and the Central Bank of Iraq and other relevant authorities.

III set standards for classifying and identifying priorities of terrorist targets, intended terrorist targets each individual or group of natural or moral exercise acts set forth in Mhafhh-terrorism law, the fight against terrorism, No. 13 of 2005 or any superseding law.

IV follow-up and implementation of the directives and tasks and targets the state in the fight against terrorism.

V. coordination with the competent intelligence services with respect to the completion of events and tasks mandated to implement anti-terrorism plans.

VI coordination with the Foreign Ministry in order to mobilize the diplomatic efforts to gain the cooperation of neighboring countries and the region in the anti-terrorism program and cleanse Iraq of bunkers and shelters and to prevent any direct or indirect support to terrorists.

VII exchange trading and calendar information to combat terrorism inside and outside Iraq.

VIII coordination with the security authorities in the development of strategies for the security plans in the fight against terrorism.

IX events to do the necessary to accomplish the tasks related to the device.

X. provide security protection for the activities of anti-terrorism measures relating omitted.

XI any other task proposed by the head of the agency and ratified by the Ministerial Committee for National Security.

Chapter II: Machine Head

Article 4 First:

Chairman of the machine is the Supreme Head him in charge of the implementation of its business and standardize policy and shall exercise control and supervision of the activities and a job well done, and issued his instructions and internal regulations, decisions and orders in all matters relating to the functions of the machine and its formations and other administrative and technical, financial and organizational affairs in accordance with the provisions of the law.

Second: the device is president of a private degree Limas and powers of the competent minister is appointed in accordance with the law and be a member of the Ministerial Committee for National Security.
III President of the machine and Kellan holds each employee rank of director general or a lieutenant, one team security intelligence] and second [administrative technician] The Akedmanma serves as head of the agency in his absence.

Article 5.-The head of the agency following tasks:

First: to provide advice to the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces in matters related to combating terrorism.

Second overseeing the preparation and implementation of plans and the administration to counter-terrorism operations inside Iraq.

III overseeing the preparation of strategic plans for combating terrorism and sent to the relevant authorities after its ratification by the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

IV submit periodic reports on terrorist threats to the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and the National Security Council and the relevant authorities, and conduct final calendars in Shan those threats.

V. advise the National Intelligence Council in the development of supplies all the information on terrorism and organized according to the approved priorities of the General Commander of the Armed Forces goals.

VI establishment and development of the organizational plan of the device and submit them to the General Commander of the Armed Forces for approval and supervision of its implementation.

VII issue orders and directives, which include the rules of conduct and engagement for employees in the device.

VIII's proposal for a budget.

IX planning and execution of operations by Ava's Counter Terrorism Command forces.

X. controls to protect the information system and limit the areas of combating terrorism, in terms of intelligence and operational information.

XI all the classified list of goals and ranked according to the criteria for classification in categories according to their own priorities, and submitted to the Ministerial Committee for National Security for approval.

XII coordination with the competent authorities in regulating media messages and campaigns Aallamiyh suitable against terrorism and broadcast.

XIII specific request to freeze bank accounts, according to the information received by him from the relevant authorities that the combined demand the approval of the Ministerial Committee for National Security, according to the law.

XIV participation in regional and international conferences, which seeks to intensify efforts to combat terrorism.

XV put special conditions for the appointment of workers in the device.

XVI. Any other tasks to help combat terrorism and vested in him by the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

Chapter III: formations device

Article 6 The device consists of the following configurations:

First: the agency's security and intelligence system and linked to the following directorates

A-Directorate of Intelligence
B-Directorate of Operations
C-Training Directorate
D-Directorate of Security
E-Investigation Directorate

Second agency technical and administrative system and are connected by the following departments:

A policy-Directorate of Strategic Planning
B-Directorate of Administration and Mira
C-Directorate of Technical Affairs
D-Directorate accounts
E-Directorate of Medical Services

III Office of the Inspector General.

IV Legal Department of the Directorate.

V. Special Operations Command for the first, second and third.

VI Academy of counter-terrorism apparatus.

Seventh-Office of the device and connected by the following categories:

A-control and audit department
B-public relations department.

VIII aviation counter-terrorism wing

Article 7

First-runs each of the districts listed in paragraphs A-b-c-d-e] of the item [first] and paragraphs [a-b-c-d-e] of the item [II] and items [Fourth - Seventh] Article [6] of this law, an employee holds the rank of director, at least a college degree in the initial area of ​​competence and has done service in the field of not less than [15] years or a lieutenant-general and above.


command of all of the leaders of the Special Operations contained in the heading of Article V runs [6] of this law officer with the rank of brigade is experienced and competent in the field of counter-terrorism to be appointed according to the law.


manages the sections contained in paragraphs [A-B of Article VII item [6] of this law, an employee holds a degree director of a college degree at least and has experience in their respective fields for at least ten years or a brigadier.

Article 8.-


each of the chambers provided for in items runs [Second] and [III] and [IV] and [V] and [VI] article [6] of the Act, an employee entitled director holds a university degree previews at least he has done service in the area of ​​not less than [15] fifteen years or not less than the rank of brigade officer.


the leadership of anti-terrorism forces stipulated in item runs [VII] article [6] of the Act, an officer with the rank of Major General in the least is experienced and competent in the field of counter-terrorism, it is assigned according to the law.

III both configurations set forth in items runs [VIII] and [IX] and [X] of Article 6 of the Act, an employee entitled holds director of a college degree previews of the least and has the service in the field of work for less than [8] eight years or not less than the rank of officer Dean.