Baghdad municipality opens discusses big

13/08/2016 13:29

In Baghdad, opened on Saturday, discusses big sterilizer 910 thousand cubic meters per day, and total cost upwards of $ 1 trillion and 131 billion Iraqi dinars, after Tarrying opening for more than six years.

The secretariat said in a statement the economy news, "curator Jessica anniversary Baghdad, opened this morning, discusses the giant in the Bob Al-Sham, North of Baghdad, in the presence of the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Mehdi relationship as a representative of Prime Minister Haider Abadi, Baghdad Governor Ali Al-Timimi, Commander of Baghdad operations Major General Jalil Al-rabeei.

And production capacity of the project 910 thousand cubic meters per day, and the cost of completion of upwards of $ 1 trillion and 131 billion dinars.

Baghdad was confirmed on Thursday, (28 July 2016), a reluctance to accomplish discusses, noting that assumed project completion in 2010 ressurect over trillion and 131 billion dinars in Baghdad, declared its readiness to formally opened and removed the excesses.

Parliamentary integrity Commission, said, (29 October last, 2015), "suspicions of corruption" in big hashimy, stating that they agreed with Secretary Baghdad, activated and given a specific time limit for executing company.

Baghdad was attributed in (23 October 2015), delayed completing discusses, the financial problems with the company, although 98% of it.