Zain launches solutions for electronic payment by first time in Iraq


Zain has announced launching new features list Zain cash to include online payment portal, stating that the volume of e-commerce in the Arab Gulf is expected to reach 40 billion dollars in the early 2020s.

And a statement released by Zain and received the "Economics", a copy of this service is the first of its kind in Iraq and which will contribute significantly to support e-commerce in Iraq, noting that they provided this service for sellers using electronic payment mechanism to receive their payments through websites and mobile applications in an easy and fast and safe at any time and from any place, and on the other hand will provide this service for individuals buying goods and services via the Internet.

The statement said that dealing direct is now prevailing in Iraq because the absence of other means of payment ، Where to cash operational costs imposed on merchants and the economy in general because funds collection and storage mechanisms, and this has a negative impact on trade, especially for service providers and e-business.

Wade's statement that the Iraq portfolio serve applique Kash aspires to change this reality by providing electronic payment gateway "pay with cash" Zen because it is considered an ideal solution for providing incorrect working environment for service providers to promote the digital economy and to support electronic commerce, with the launch of the "pay with cash" Zen Iraqis will be able to obtain a wide choice and payment products and services from anywhere, at any time and costs and much less effort compared to direct payment methods and these services will include tickets, movie tickets, other products and services.

He weighs Tamimi Iraq portfolio company in the text of the statement that "the volume of e-commerce in the Arab Gulf is expected to reach 40 billion dollars at the beginning of the year 2020, as the population of Iraq almost 70% of the population of the Arabian Gulf, in addition to having a large consumer segment, this promises bright future for e-commerce in Iraq.

He added that the first electronic payment means in Iraq will expand the areas of electronic commerce and will have an effect similar to the effect of "PayPal" on electronic commerce in the United States or credit card effect on the global economy.

Electronic payment will enable users to deposit money in their mobile phones, transferring funds to and from all the provinces of Iraq, withdraw and deposit funds from thousands of approved centers, electronic goods and products online and more.