Parliamentary Services attributes the "foot-dragging" the Army Canal project to political interference

The Commission on the parliamentary services, Saturday, and there is "significant delay" in the Army Canal project, attributed the reason for it to "political interference", as pointed out near the completion of the Rusafa water project in Baghdad.
He said committee member Rep . Zangana princess in a statement, said that "there is a great reluctance in the Army Canal project as a result of political interference , " pointing out that "all the former Mayor of Baghdad You referred to the judiciary and did not closely follow those files and lack of follow - up."
She added that "continuous Committee to host the Mayor of Baghdad and the general managers and the reasons for delay in completion of strategic projects , " noting that "there are simple problems in the Rusafa water project will be fully accomplished as soon as possible."
The secretariat of Baghdad , announced on June 28, 2016, it plans to open the Rusafa water project 910 m3 card in the next few days, while confirming that the project will fill future needs of the capital until 2030.
The Council of Ministers approved in August 2008 on the signing of a contract Rusafa water project with the company "Dkrmont , " a coalition of Iraqi companies - French, at a cost of one billion dollars to provide safe drinking water to the city of Baghdad