France .. charged to the suspect in the murder of the Rev.

Face officially a French judge, on Friday, to the young man at the age of 21 years, visited the killers of slain pastor at a church in July in the Normandy area shortly before the get the facts, and sent to jail.

AFP quoted a source, it was charged to form a suspect "with terrorist aims a criminal gang" after he was arrested Monday near Toulouse (south - west).

After his arrest four days pending investigation, was placed under preventative detention.

According to the source, the young man has went ahead to attack the church Rowan area (west), to meet the killers of Pastor Jack Hamill, pointing out thathe had contacted Balqatlin via the "telegram" service for short messages encrypted used by militants.

He said the suspect is not known to the intelligence services, it recently adopted extremist ideas and rapidly, in what investigators young unemployed and unstable personality.

Investigation shows that just continues with the oldest Karmiche with Abdelmalek Petit Jean to kill the priest, via telegram service, the same service , known killers one over the other in which a few days ago only implemented the murder.

It was just Karmiche and Abdelmalek Petit Jean had entered the Church of St. Etienne de Rovra near Rouen, and held five people hostage and killed the pastor Hamill slaughtered during revive the Mass, before Tguetlhma police. And built Daash assault.

Revealed source familiar with the investigation that investigators arrived at the suspect after he found the telephone numbers killers on a telephone line