Parliamentary Health nominate three deputies to take over the presidency of the Commission for the next phase

Committee announced the parliamentary health and environment, Saturday, all three figures nomination to head the committee, noting that the selection will be based on efficiency and the ability to activate Committee oversight role.
Said committee member Siham al - Moussawi in a statement, " The choice will be far from the political blocs, but on the basis of competence and the ability of the president - elect of the Committee on activating the supervisory role of the Commission."
She added that "there are three candidates , one of them will be chosen to head the committee, and they both MP Saleh al- Hasnawi MP Qutaiba al - Jubouri and Attorney Hani punitive."
It seemed the House of Representatives vote on the rotating presidencies of committees, with the start of the third legislative tongues, which is distributed according to the balances of the blocks and parties within the parliament.