The launch of the first flights of pilgrims from Baghdad airport to the Holy Land

Ministry of Transport announced that the first flights of Iraqi pilgrims will be launched on Saturday from Baghdad International Airport to the Holy Land.
Technical Undersecretary of the Ministry Abbas Omran said in a statement, " The Hall of Karbala on Saturday will see a gathering point for the pilgrims."
He pointed to " the completion of the monument equipment passports , " noting that "the Minister of Transport Agency Abdul Hussein Abtan in constant contact in order to check on logistical preparations, technical and basic services that provide Iraqi pilgrims."
The Association of Hajj and Umrah has announced an earlier time that " the first flight of Iraqi pilgrims will be 13 this August [today] from Baghdad International Airport, carrying 282 pilgrims to the Holy Land."
What will be launched in the first flight to land convoys of pilgrims in the 18th of this month of the border crossing points, where the body will Ptvoaj nearly thousand pilgrims a day.
Iraq 's share of the number of pilgrims and reach as defined by the Saudi authorities , 25 thousand and 172 pilgrims and the need of including the Kurdistan region 's share.