Q&A with BGG Friday, August 12, 2016
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Thread: Q&A with BGG Friday, August 12, 2016

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    Q&A with BGG Friday, August 12, 2016

    Tex says to BGG(7:30 PM):
    This is really gittin to folks.....lol

    BGG says(7:30 PM):
    because it's gettin' REAL!!

    Tex says(7:31 PM):
    Soonergirlie says(7:31 PM):

    magnetlady says(7:31 PM):
    Evening BGG

    BGG says to magnetlady(7:31 PM):
    Hey Mags!!

    SRW says(7:32 PM):
    Mr. White has a RV dance!! LOL

    BGG says(7:32 PM):
    Mrs BGG - would you mind starting us off with a quick prayer??

    MrsBGG says(7:33 PM):
    Heavenly Father, we boldly come before You by the Blood of Jesus Thank You for Your Grace, Mercy, and forgiveness Thank You for the body of Christ , our brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank You for unity. Thank You Holy Spirit that You lead and guide us into all Truth. We pray for Your will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven. We trust You Lord We pray for our country and our leaders that You will continue to lead them and guide them. We pray that You will bless each person and their families here. We love You Lord (L) We give You all the Glory, HOnor, and Praise! In Jesus Name, Amen.

    BGG says(7:35 PM):
    OK gang...

    subgirl says(7:35 PM):
    ok mags all yours now

    magnetlady says(7:35 PM):
    OK subby. Thanks

    BGG says(7:35 PM):
    I was thinking about about a "good way" to put this...

    but - no such thing...

    here's the "big announcement" I was working over...

    I had a guy just WEAR ME OUT the other nite...

    blah, blah, blah... you said this and that...

    what it boils down to is this...

    he and his "posse" were offended over how they were treated by "xyz guru"...

    they think I should shut the site down... honor my word... pet their "feelings" - whatever...

    I had all kinds of "you said this and that... thrown at me...

    so I (in a state of "temporary insanity" ) complied... I may have - somewhere down the line said something like "if everyone's opinion isn't welcome I'll shut this site down..."


    for the whiners...

    I complied with my own word...


    I DID WHAT I SAID. You made your point - and it's OVER NOW.

    aminmaine says(7:42 PM):

    BGG says(7:42 PM):
    Our people are real. They work hard... They research for no other reason than "the LOVE OF THE GAME" and share with all of us FOR FREAKING FREE!!

    SRW says to BGG(7:44 PM):
    Thank You DU!!! For ALL your work and time!!

    horsegal says(7:44 PM):

    BGG says(7:45 PM):
    BTW - for all the cry baby, whiners out there who are constantly taking shots at me... I have passed virtually every background check the US government has to offer (to date)... We just had our final ATF inteview today and will soon be an FFL (firearms dealer).

    I have a file with the ATF, The FBI, The DoD and the CIA. GET OVER IT...

    tycho says(7:45 PM):
    We are all blessed to be here

    quicktolegit96 says(7:45 PM):

    BGG says(7:46 PM):
    if you are wished "bad stuff on me" it's probably already happened.
    and I'm still here.

    which is my message for tonite.

    puffdragon says(7:46 PM):
    Congradulations BGG !

    bibi says to BGG(7:46 PM):
    Well done!

    doug says(7:46 PM):
    You go BGG!

    magnetlady says(7:46 PM):
    WOW BGG that is an accomplishment. Well Done
    Faithful servent, Well Done

    larrykn says to BGG(7:46 PM):
    well done

    BGG says(7:47 PM):
    I may have spoken "out of turn" at some point and given somenone the idea their feelings are more important than the "interests" of the whole... THAT IS NOT THE CASE.

    bibi says to BGG(7:48 PM):
    Thank you for all you do, BGG, and Mrs. BGG! And the leadership you provide--with integrity, grit and honor! You are appreciated and admired!

    BGG says(7:48 PM):
    I will be here - in the end, as God allows me to be. Period.

    bibi says to BGG(7:48 PM):
    Amen! hear hear!

    SRW says to BGG(7:48 PM):
    Thank You!!

    dale says(7:48 PM):
    Thanks for all your efforts BGG and creating this site.

    ronda says(7:49 PM):
    to the researchers, the copiers and the Bible verses I appreciate everything about this sight

    BGG says(7:49 PM):
    I shut the site down... complied with my word and am going to be here in the end for those on the D.U.C.E. as well.... somehow I have managed to be right both sides of the argument... but now it's OVER.

    quicktolegit96 says(7:49 PM):

    caravaggio says(7:49 PM):
    Good to know you are a firearms dealer. I'll probably be contacting you.

    BGG says(7:50 PM):
    if you have hurt feelings - WE AREN'T HOLDING ANYONE HOSTAGE. You are welcome to come and go as you please.

    bibi says to BGG(7:50 PM):
    Thank you for the DUCE list! That will be a godsend when we need it!

    aminmaine says(7:50 PM):
    will you carry stun guns?

    magnetlady says(7:50 PM):

    BGG says to aminmaine(7:51 PM):
    if you don't like guns - carry a can of hornet/wasp killer...

    Tex says(7:51 PM):
    Yall kin meet at high noon on Saturday

    aminmaine says(7:51 PM):
    i like the idea of a gun; just not killing unless absolutely necessary

    BGG says to aminmaine(7:51 PM):
    very effective... more accurate... and will require an attacker go the the ER for an antidote.

    Knucklehead says to BGG(7:51 PM):
    A rifle would be smaller

    flint says(7:51 PM):
    will you be selling moonshine too?

    Soonergirlie says to BGG(7:52 PM):
    nice to know that

    aminmaine says(7:52 PM):
    i like that suggestion BGG thank you!

    BGG says to aminmaine(7:52 PM):
    wasp spray is legal and they will wish you had SHOT THEM

    Soonergirlie says to BGG(7:52 PM):

    subgirl says to BGG(7:52 PM):

    aminmaine says(7:52 PM):
    i am liking that!

    BGG says to aminmaine(7:52 PM):
    I have that stuff EVERYWHERE.

    flint says(7:53 PM):

    BGG says to aminmaine(7:53 PM):

    quicktolegit96 says(7:53 PM):

    aminmaine says(7:54 PM):
    ok then i will get some

    BGG says(7:54 PM):
    Back to the subject...

    the other night... these jokers were all like "so and so hurt my feelings with how they talked about this or that..."

    my advice...


    IF not...

    ZIP IT...

    You aren't paying a SINGLE BILL - SHUT YOUR #$^* MOUTH.

    aminmaine says(7:56 PM):
    zip the lip!

    SRW says to BGG(7:56 PM):

    bibi says to BGG(7:56 PM):
    Really! ARE you KIDDING me!!??

    BGG says(7:56 PM):
    Hutch drove HARD for 8 hours to get to a place where he could be available to do News Time - THAT's FREAKIN' DEDICATION!!

    bibi says to BGG(7:56 PM):
    Good for you!

    bibi says to BGG(7:57 PM):

    subgirl says to BGG(7:57 PM):

    Knucklehead says to BGG(7:57 PM):
    What kind of info hurts your feelings?({)

    1bobby says(7:57 PM):
    Thank you Hutch

    JoeM says(7:57 PM):
    Much respect!

    BGG says(7:57 PM):
    RCookie studies DAY AND NIGHT - covering 150 News pieces EVERY SINGLE DAY to be as prepared as he is - THAT'S EVERY DAY...

    bibi says(7:58 PM):
    Thank you Hutch!

    jackflash101st says(7:58 PM):
    Hutch does a great job..

    BGG says(7:58 PM):


    subgirl says(7:58 PM):
    yes thank you HUTCH!!!!

    quicktolegit96 says(7:58 PM):

    magnetlady says(7:58 PM):
    Yes Thanks Hutch, rcookie and all that do the research that I cant or don't have time to do

    BGG says(7:58 PM):
    Mr White has been around for a long time... He's known as "THE PROFESSOR"...

    Ming says(7:59 PM):
    Thank you Hutch, Rcookie, BGG, and Mr White for ALL YOU DO FOR US!

    BGG says(7:59 PM):
    Loop puts NEWS - REAL NEWS - in EVERY DAY.

    subgirl says to BGG(7:59 PM):
    yes! we have awesome news researchers!!!

    BGG says(7:59 PM):

    aminmaine says(7:59 PM):

    BGG says(7:59 PM):
    I had several friends call me today...

    seriously - TODAY...

    Ming says(8:00 PM):
    Thank you to Loop too! Thank you to all researchers and mods!!

    BGG says(8:00 PM):
    "so and so says they are publishing the "General Amensty Law in the Gazette today"...

    I'm like - "that's BS..." (not exactly the words I used... but close enough)


    We don't say stupid S4!t like that...

    Craveman says(8:02 PM):
    This site is fantastic. I would completely understand a fee/donation be required

    7shelia says(8:02 PM):
    What exactly was to take place with the Amnesty Law today BGG?

    BGG says(8:02 PM):
    anyone on that comment??

    SRW says to BGG(8:02 PM):
    All this site does is very much appreciated!! To All OF The DU TEAM!!

    Soonergirlie says to BGG(8:02 PM):
    it is being voted on Mondy

    Soonergirlie says to BGG(8:02 PM):

    1bobby says(8:02 PM):
    I came here to stick to the real news. I'm glad I did

    aminmaine says(8:02 PM):
    any news on Jabouri and the heart attack

    Elane says(8:03 PM):
    We all did!

    BGG says to 7shelia(8:03 PM):
    our researchers tell us the 1st draft will be in Parliament over the weekend... NOT DONE OR VOTED ON!!

    maybe Monday.

    7shelia says(8:03 PM):
    TY BGG

    BGG says to 7shelia(8:03 PM):
    that is the difference between REAL INFO AND B$!!

    quicktolegit96 says(8:03 PM):
    3 READINGS OR 1?

    BGG says to quicktolegit96(8:04 PM):
    Obviously - not even 1 yet...


    = 1st??

    Knucklehead says to BGG(8:04 PM):
    I know ppl are offended by just about everything these days but still dont understand how one can be offended by info

    quicktolegit96 says(8:05 PM):

    BGG says to Knucklehead(8:05 PM):
    We - as a people - have to get over being OFFENDED at everything. Our enemies use it against us.


    Knucklehead says to BGG(8:06 PM):
    AGREED! But still doesnt answer the ?

    kalis says(8:08 PM):

    aminmaine says(8:08 PM):
    there are so many more important things in life. some people have such small minds that they dont have any lights on! those kind of people i just shake my head and keep going

    Robl says(8:08 PM):
    I have read that once a country tries to cater to all minority groups (not skin color) that this is the destruction of that society. This is what is happening all across this country and in fact.... right here in this room. You provide a FANTASTIC place for all of us. Time to take a stance.

    MrsBGG says(8:08 PM):
    Let's hold please, he will be right back...

    kalis says(8:09 PM):
    the gen amensty law may be voted on next week

    BGG says to Knucklehead(8:09 PM):
    Easy - it's doesn't line up with their BU!!$4!t.

    cricket22 says(8:10 PM):
    Hello everyone... Is this News Time?

    aminmaine says(8:10 PM):
    its Q and A cricket

    BGG says to kalis(8:10 PM):
    That appears to be correct.

    kalis says(8:11 PM):

    BGG says to kalis(8:11 PM):
    they will work over this draft, read it a couple of times and go from there. It appears close.

    truth... not internet jibberish.

    BGG says(8:11 PM):
    OK - back to my RANT

    kalis says(8:11 PM):
    this is moving

    BGG says(8:12 PM):
    Holly1 shares from her contacts daily!!

    That's real.

    kalis says(8:12 PM):
    fast to . what happen to make them move so fast now

    BGG says(8:12 PM):
    this site - for whatever reason, attracts REAL PEOPLE.

    BGG says to kalis(8:12 PM):
    Easy - IMF, WB, UN - M-O-N-E-Y!!

    No ticky - no washy!!

    1bobby says to BGG(8:13 PM):
    On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you about UN intervention into Iraq corruption files? Any comment on how that may play out? Thanks

    Dinar Dave says to BGG(8:13 PM):
    (lol) Now that's funny....lol

    BGG says to 1bobby(8:13 PM):
    9 - it's why things are moving so fast.

    Abadi has the support of MUCH BIGGER DOGS than Maliki.

    BGG says to 1bobby(8:14 PM):
    and that

    is why

    kalis says(8:14 PM):
    all i can say is wow and I own dinar .yepper

    1bobby says to BGG(8:14 PM):
    Exactly. Thank you for this platform

    quicktolegit96 says(8:14 PM):
    Do you still feel ASN?

    Elane says(8:14 PM):

    BGG says to kalis(8:14 PM):
    I am with you - I own - and am GLAD!!

    bibi says(8:15 PM):
    Me too!!

    wheresmyrv says(8:15 PM):
    wheres poppy been as of late?

    kalis says(8:16 PM):
    i really do not see this going more them few more weeks not month ... Next month will be something .

    speakwell says(8:16 PM):
    I haven't been at DU very long (a few months), but long enough to know I've found a goal mine here: Honesty, real information, really hard working folks gathering and sifting through all that news to bring us up to date on what's REALLY going on. I've learned so much here and any more, I don't spend even a second on those "fantasy" guru sites. And as you said BGG, at DU, it's all free! Thanks to all the folks here who make this happen!

    BGG says to 1bobby(8:16 PM):
    "the platform" - is you - and Holly - and RCookie - and Hutch - and Mr White - and Loop - and Romello - and Becky - and Pat - and everyone!!

    kalis says(8:16 PM):
    then opps

    1bobby says to BGG(8:16 PM):
    Appreciate it

    Ming says(8:17 PM):
    BGG - do you know if banks will have a limit of how much dinar a person can exchange?

    BGG says to kalis(8:17 PM):
    I know a few very good sources that feel before the end of the year is not unrealistic.

    here's why

    BGG says to Ming(8:17 PM):
    not possible

    BGG says to kalis(8:18 PM):
    they aren't really under the thumb of this current US Admin...

    and they have no clue where the next one will go...

    Ming says(8:18 PM):
    Thank you

    BGG says to kalis(8:19 PM):
    this "interim" is a great place to do what they feel needs done - one of the reasons you see so much aggressive movement on the currency front.

    cricket22 says(8:19 PM):

    BGG says to wheresmyrv(8:19 PM):
    he's busy sucking more people into ONECOIN.com

    MrsBGG says to cricket22(8:20 PM):

    cricket22 says(8:20 PM):
    I keep hearing about the dollar might collapse. Do you have any thoughts on that? And if it happens to collapse, how would that effect us Dinarians once Iraq RV's?

    kalis says(8:20 PM):
    hmm so oct nov or dec could be it wow for them get all they need to move to move the value . that is understandabke they are re inventing the wheel over there

    kalis says(8:20 PM):

    BGG says to kalis(8:21 PM):
    Just passing along their sentiments

    slh5282 says(8:21 PM):

    BGG says to cricket22(8:21 PM):
    that is not impossible... but - if it's what you are hearing on TV - that's from GOLD peddlers... happens every year at this time.

    cricket22 says(8:22 PM):
    Not Tv, but videos.. Thanks

    BGG says to cricket22(8:22 PM):
    However, I - personally, have spent the last 3 years getting OUT OF DEBT - ENTIRELY.

    BGG says to cricket22(8:22 PM):
    because I think the same thing is coming - in some form.

    today - tomorrow - I do not know - but I am preparing.

    BGG says(8:23 PM):
    We have just recent eliminated (and paid off) over 610,000.00 in debt.

    Ming says(8:24 PM):
    Bgg other than getting rid of debt, what else are you doing to prepare?

    BGG says(8:24 PM):
    I want no part of it. I did this to be prepared for whatever happens in the future. I talked about it then - and am still convinced... no matter what the EXACT TIME LINE IS.

    MrsBGG says to slh5282(8:25 PM):

    slh5282 says(8:25 PM):
    BGG, there was a post a couple of days ago about an announcment tomorrow, I have seen several post but nothing specific to this matter, can you provide some insight please>>??

    BGG says to slh5282(8:25 PM):
    You are reading it - i






    eman4u55 says(8:26 PM):

    wvchsr says(8:26 PM):

    BGG says to slh5282(8:26 PM):
    I think I am clear on that...

    BGG says(8:27 PM):
    BTW - the DUMB@$$ that did that got banned...

    because I didn't want to keep getting stupid PM's, e-mails and IM'S about how smart he and his group were and how I could do whatever better...

    this isn't a business.

    slh5282 says(8:28 PM):
    my feeling are not hurt.. I respect your thougths and opinion. hope i did not offend anyone by my question. sorry

    BGG says(8:28 PM):
    this is a group of people helping each other out of the goodness of their hearts.

    kalis says(8:28 PM):
    i am very happy

    slh5282 says(8:28 PM):
    just got in the room from several days of travel.

    BGG says(8:29 PM):
    if anyone doesn't like it - we are sorry you feel that way - but we are going to keep on keeping on...


    MrsBGG says to wvchsr(8:29 PM):

    wvchsr says(8:29 PM):
    Are there any benefits for Iraq to keep the program rate they have in place now or will it start hurting them economically?

    BGG says to wvchsr(8:30 PM):
    OMG - There is NO BENEFIT... it is KILLING THEM... AND - they are not entirely the ones that say "go"...

    wvchsr says(8:31 PM):

    BGG says to wvchsr(8:31 PM):
    They have been shown "the door" - they are doing everything in their power to get thru it...

    MrsBGG says(8:32 PM):
    Thank you everyone for joining us for the Q & A!! We appreciate you 'all!! Thank you News Researchers, copiers, FAcebook admin, chatters and everyone who serves and helps on the site!!

    Love & Blessings to you'all

    bibi says to BGG(8:33 PM):
    Thank you, BGG and Mrs. BGG!

    Soonergirlie says(8:33 PM):
    thank you BGG

    slh5282 says(8:33 PM):
    thank you for providing information and
    insight as to where we are in this investment

    bibi says to MrsBGG(8:33 PM):
    Love and blessings to you!

    kalis says(8:34 PM):
    thank you

    wymutt says(8:34 PM):
    Thank you all for this great site to go to get understanding. You are highly valued.

    SRW says to BGG(8:34 PM):
    Thanks for your devotion to this site!!

    bibi says(8:34 PM):
    Thank you, too, to the news researchers, MODs and copiers.

    Man, we are blessed!!

    bibi says to sheila3(8:35 PM):
    Lots of people will want to read THAT! Wow!

    larrykn says(8:35 PM):
    Announcement: WE are really shorthanded on copiers in this room . If anyone is interested in helping out we would really appricate it. Please contact one of the Mods if your interested , thank you

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    Re: Q&A with BGG Friday, August 12, 2016

    If you really complied with your own word by shutting down the site, why is it not still shut down? I get that you "changed your mind" after the fact in adoption of the " if you don't like it you can just leave" policy. But really...complying with your rule only temporarily isn't actually complying at all is it? It feebly skirts the issue I'll give you that but only by caveat. A locker room full of teenage cheerleaders would be envious of the masterful level of drama. Par for the course I suppose.

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