Deputy for the powers: reducing the number of members of the provincial councils is important
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} MP for the coalition of Iraqi forces Abd al-Rahim al-Shammari, the importance of reducing the number of members of the provincial councils.
Al - Shammari, told {Euphrates News}, that " the reduction of the members of the provincial councils in light of the fiscal deficit , which the country is witnessing is important, but more important is to eliminate corruption."
He reiterated that " the reduction of members of local councils is important , " noting that it "be raise the proportion of representation . for example , instead of an MP 100 000 inhabitants, will represent 200 000 ".
The Committee of the regions and governorates parliamentary, voiced last Tuesday, its intention to go to reduce the number of provincial seats.
He said a committee member, Ahmed El - Badri's {Euphrates News }, "our observations on the provincial law , which regards the local councils where we are we going to reduce the provincial seats and reduce the boards of districts, counties and the Commission have the idea to abolish the Council to maintain the Judicial Council and the provinces."
It is said that, the independent Electoral Commission, announced Wednesday the past, the opening of 683 centers in the 13 provinces covered by the process of updating the voter is registered in the voter receives for the period from 10-31 of this August, in preparation for elections to provincial councils irregular province, which is scheduled to take place in April next in 2017.
called on the electoral Commission on 29 July the past, political parties in Iraq , whether newly formed or a problem in the past and that previously participated in the elections to speed up the review of the electoral Commission / circle of political parties and organizations.
He ended the House of Representatives during its meeting on Thursday, the first reading of the draft third and fourth amendment to the law of governorates not organized in a region Law No. {21} for the year 2008, and reduce the number of members of the provincial councils discussed as well as the number of deputies.
he called on parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri, yesterday, the legal Committee to submit a proposed law to reduce the number of provincial councils to be voted on within the Council, as well as the study of the legal dimension and find a constitutional way out appropriate to reduce the number of members of the House of Representatives and the possibility of voting on a resolution commensurate with the direction and support of council members reduction and willingness to vote on the recommendations to be submitted to the Commission. it is
noteworthy that, mass citizen representative confirmed in a press conference on Thursday, the need to reduce the number of members of the provincial councils, as Alganh called parliamentary problem to consider amending the Constitution, to pay attention to it for the purpose of reducing the number of members of the House Alnwab.anthy