Iraqi Kurdistan intensify the protection of oil installations procedures

August 12, 2016

Stepped Kurdistan region of Iraq, finally, for the protection of oil installations and wells of the province of the security procedures, and in the wake of one of the wells targeted by militants from the organization of the Islamic State (Daash), according to official sources.

Kurdistan, said Friday. The focus of the fighting official against "Daash" explained in Makhmour, south of Kirkuk, Najat Ali, in a press statement, that "in the aftermath of the bombing of an oil well in the Solomon Bakhsh village of hand Srkran spend drunk by militants from Daash, measures are being taken to increase the special protection wells oil facilities in the region. "

He pointed out that the "oil wells in the oiled area not provided for the protection of forces before, and are subject at any time to target the IED, so he will be monitored and protected."

And targeted "Daash", the first of Wednesday, one of the wells Makhmour improvised explosive devices, as has been revoked two explosive effect of planting a regulation in the region.

The oil wells and gas facility in the neighboring province of Kirkuk to spend a drunk has been subjected to attacks from "Daash", which resulted in the killing and wounding a number of cadres, as well as material losses due to fire, which broke out in them.