Foreign Affairs expresses its satisfaction with the report of us counterparts as ISIS genocide crimes.

Fri, 12 Aug 2016 01:12:03

Baghdad-news today

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry, Friday, welcomed the "strong" by the US State report on religious freedom and respect as crimes of organizing "ISIS" genocide, emphasized that this reflects the brutal acts committed by extremist religious groups right regulation.

The spokesman said the Iraqi Foreign Ministry Ahmad Jamal in an interview for the News Agency today, "the Iraqi Foreign Ministry expresses deep satisfaction with what the US State report on religious freedom for 2015 in own paragraph as ISIS crimes against Christians and Shiite Muslim terrorist walaizidiin genocide."

He added, "this characterization applies exactly with what we affirmed and tardily in all international organizations and components of the international community, most recently in Washington Coalition Conference last July, pointing out that it" reflects the brutal acts committed by the far right organization that religious groups ".

He stressed the "need to do more to stop her and documented and instigators accounting and compensation for those affected."