Deputy: Ministries exempt the poor and families of the martyrs of the collection of taxes and fees

2016/8/12 9:26

[Oan- Baghdad]

Vice revealed for the National Alliance Zaher al-Abadi for the approval of a set of state ministries to exempt some of the affected and needy slides and sacrificial, including the families of the martyrs of the receipt of custom duties and taxes imposed by the state on citizens recently.

Ebadi said in a statement issued by the Information Office Agency has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, "already and that we have a group correspondences to the state ministries to exempt those who suffer from force majeure and hardship case under the poverty of the fees imposed by the ministries and that can not citizens abide by the result of the title living conditions, where we've got responses from some ministries approvals for exemption of some recorded segments of the social welfare Department of the duties imposed. "

And gave the Attorney-Abadi, "thanks to the ministries that have contributed to this humanitarian initiative, including the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Electricity and the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the Foundation of the martyrs."

He said the move "important as a good sign calculates minister who provided this service to our people, especially the poor and the families of the martyrs to be less than what we offer in exchange for the great sacrifices that recorded their blood and timeless memories."