Parliamentary legal: resolve all contentious points on amnesty and will vote on it Saturday

August 12, 2016

Light news/Baghdad

Proper parliamentary legal Committee Member said Shawqi, resolving all contentious points about the amnesty law, pointing to deliver the draft to Parliament in order to display them to vote.

Shawki said in a statement, "light news" version of it, today, that "all contentious points about the amnesty law been resolved definitively and law ready to vote", stating that "the previous points of contention with the Iraqi forces and coalition liberal block on the issue of confidential informant and recognition through coercion and confessions of the accused."

The Prosecutor said mass citizen, that "an agreement was reached that in case any claim under those mechanisms move it will retry and verification through ten judicial committees of jurisdiction headed by a judge of first instance, be formed to resolve these issues."

"The law in its current form is a complete and professional law and would not be allowed to exit both stained with the blood of Iraqis," pointing to "deliver a draft law after agreeing on a final version to the Presidium, there is already agreement introduced the law to vote in Saturday's session.