Oil prices go back to the basics of the market without great expectations

Despite the rise in oil prices the past two days after Saudi Arabian Oil Minister 'scomments about the possibility of discussing producers plans to adjust themarket, but analysts do not expect huge changes in prices in the remaining months of the year because the market fundamentals have not changed much. As prices rise , to reach the end of the week to the barrier of 45 dollars a barrel, having fallen at a checkpoint to $ 40 and possibly without a little bit recently, do not expect an increase beyond what we have reached in June , when more than fifty - barrier dollars for a spin around the barrier of $ 55 a barrel. Most forecasts issued by the international energy agency and the unity of OPEC Research and other market statistics institutions oil indicates that the current withdrawal of commercial stocks will be compensated quickly to return the storage of full containers. However, Saudi Arabia, the largest producer and exporter of oil, increased its production last month , but most of the increase in production is locally consumed to produce electricity in an extremely hot summer means they did not add the global supply of crude. even an increase Iraq's production to offset the need for income from thesale of oil did not significantly affect the supply due to the arrival of Iraqi oil production to its maximum and the lack of production capacity up there. also Iran has been unable to pump more oil in the market like they used advertising recent months after the nuclear deal with the West and the lifting of sanctions, because the Iranian oil sector have yet to develop any witness as planned. Thus , oil prices return to be determined based on the market fundamentals of supply and demand, and any sudden changes did not occur in the supply and demand balance will not see months the next big changes in prices on the margins of 40 to 50 dollars a barrel , the view of many analysts. do not wait for the market a lot of the informal meeting of producers of OPEC and outside in Algeria the end of next month on adjusting production and export rates. It has already been producers of OPEC held and outside meetings similar ended statements without agreement on theimportance of the stability of the market and perhaps the need to freeze production at current levels. it is almost oil market experts agree that talking about freezing production levels of just a "foregone conclusion", as the production capacity backup with the leading manufacturers and exporters ozone approx. remains negative psychological factor may affect the market is a continuation of Tehran to talk about increasing their production leads to pressure on prices down to theexpectations of an increase of supply over demand. but these Iranian statements so far have not translated into an enormous injection of crude because of theenergy sector problems and the reluctance of investors and foreign companies from engaging in it to develop it for fear sanctions with subsidiaries of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (seeded American terrorist organization) dominate the energy sector projects.