To start a project to protect the cities by smart cameras at a cost of $ 23 million in Babylon

Babylon balances News
Command announced the requirement of Babylon, for starting work system to protect cities by smart cameras in Babylon.
A statement from the leadership of the police received / balances News / copy of it, he was "carried out the project China's Huawei is one of the leading projects being implemented for the first time in Iraq in an integrated manner and will have a significant impact on the security situation improves what is owned by the technology and efficiency of large monitor moves and documented and will be debut in the city of Hilla and spend Musayyib. " The statement added that "the province got approvals from the provincial council to expand the work of the system to cover all districts and areas .lavta that" cost $ 23 million and thereafter executive up to nine months. " The statement stressed that "for setting up these cameras available funds have been detected previously and that the system would be security and service at the same time, such as the diagnosis of rapid response to the wheels ambulance, civil defense and others." He said, "The adoption of the company's modern techniques and cameras very accurate based systems laser subject to the system of monitoring and analysis of information with a high degree of precision will provide a major effort of the security services and gives the distinct technology on the security and scalable level of modernization in the future and have the benefits of utilization of human resources as well as strengthening intelligence work." It ended 29 / d 24