Pool "Iraqi media figures without Borders" warns the news media of disinformation and fabrication

Gathering , warned , "Iraqi media figures Without Borders" on Sunday, a continuation of some of the local and regional media following the media disinformation and to rely on false and fabricated and exaggerated to confuse the Iraqi scene and causing the violence and chaos information.
It focused gathering in a statement reported Uruk News Agency on several recommendations, including: "emphasis on the credibility of the news and not to mislead the citizens clips fabricated.
And not to broadcast and publish inaccurate information Aoualemstendh to anonymous sources and remind those in charge of those means that everybody has the right to resort to the law to prosecute. In addition to show professionalism and not to drag people to the collision of verbal through provocative questions . "
The statement stressed the need for peace education community, renounce violence and chaos. Praising the role of civil society activists and social networking sites to deny the rumor and the dissemination of images and positive attitudes
And he called on the assembly to postpone the publication of events , no matter how important until they check the credibility of the sources Aouma striking evidence of direct eyewitnesses. And all parties concerned to provide the appropriate atmosphere to move freely with the media to ensure their protection and provides media professionals and workers in the media and media interests of the country to the benefit of the institutions in which they work and Etjrdoa of personal and factional tendencies and be the voice of truth and credibility.