Jaafari: There's nothing to prevent the participation of the popular crowd in the liberation of Mosul operations

Visited Ibrahim al - Jaafari , head of the Iraqi National Alliance , Minister of Foreign Affairs headquarters of Abbas band fighting under the flag of the popular crowd in Basra, said Dr. Jaafari: It is a great honor for me to meet the heroes of the crowd People brave who have lost their lives on the palm of their hands, and fighting for the honor and dignity of Iraq and liberate cities of Daash terrorist gangs, noting that there is nothing to prevent the participation of the popular crowd in the liberation of Mosul operations; it crosses all segments of Iraqi society, stressing that the popular crowd will remain present in every trench from the trenches of the battle against terrorists Daash; because his experience has proved its worth to achieve big victories against Daash terrorist gangs, he explained that the Iraqi diplomatic invested all conferences, international meetings to rally support, and support for the people of Iraq who are fighting terrorism on behalf of the whole world, and received all the accusations that are trying to reduce the championships achieved by the popular crowd in the arena of confrontation, and tarnish his image, and called on the countries of the world and international organizations to provide more of the war against terrorism kits, noting: that the city of Basra accustomed to be generous city, and did not skimp on everything in Iraq even contributed to the blood of its sons in order to preserve the unity of Iraq, and the face of terrorism, and we all have to deny her, and offer everything that contributes to providing the best service to the people of Basra, and infrastructure development, construction, and reconstruction.
On the other hand , Dr. Jaafari visited a number of wounded in the popular crowd in Sadr Teaching Hospital in Basra, al - Jaafari revealed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed to the countries of the world that Iraq is not in need of your sons to fight on its territory, but demanded to stand by Iraq and providing humanitarian aid to the heroes who register epics of heroism Daash against terrorist gangs, explaining that he is not ashamed to ask for help for Iraq because Iraq is passing through exceptional circumstances require real humanitarian pause in the global war against terrorism, speakers crowd - wounded popular high morale that they enjoy , wishing them a speedy recovery