Injury to the Israeli ambassador in Cairo airport

Revealed a senior security source at Cairo International Airport, that the Israeli ambassador to Egypt David Govrin injured while coming out of the car, was involved in an accident in which his bodyguard, according to media reports.
The news agency "together," the source as saying that Geoffaran was heavily injured and wounded a deep and painful finger of his right hand because of a bodyguard close the door of the ambassador's car on his hand accidentally.
The source added that the guard closed the car door at the hands of the ambassador upon his arrival at Cairo International Airport in preparation for his return to Tel Aviv on a plane flight, "Air Sina" company.
He pointed out that the ambassador was forced to receive treatment the health department at Cairo International Airport and immediately after receiving treatment left for Tel Aviv weekly to spend his vacation in Israel.
And shall Govrin (53 years), chairman of the Department of Jordan and the Maghreb in the Israeli Foreign Ministry, the position of his country's ambassador to Egypt since the middle of last month.

Source: agencies