Najafi coalition strongly respond to Akub and he describes as "little adoptee"

Re coalition "Uniting for Reform" Osama Najafi, Friday, on the statements the governor of Nineveh Nofal Akub recent and which he noted the presence of "illegitimate children" in the province as a result of the so - called "sexual jihad", calling it a strongly worded statement "Little adoptee Governor treason and conspiracy , "and invited him to search for" these children in menial circles Aarafhaho
The coalition said in a statement is not new to say that Billy exudes including, but not new to say it was wrong to wait for the position of manly semiconductor guys, is not new to young customers fall in the mud Tvahthm, "adding that" This is what Novell Akub governor of treason, conspiracy and treachery in the city of glory and honor and dignity connector history and civilization. "
He united statement that "this small adoptee offended to women Mosul, and they honor you ignorant Akub address, weakness of Andhn chivalry and the value is far from understanding who do not deserve to carry a shoehorn their legs," as described by the statement "Either he did did unsightly, Lama has offended in the conference to the high honor that he was ignorant of the strange it addresses. "
The statement said that " the response to this small , who accuses the city of splendor that of its problems and the presence of children of unknown parentage because of sexual jihad, lies in the advice that looking for these children in menial circles which are well known, away from Mosaliat who do not Ichervhn be Akub and are ilk speaking about the city believes that moodiness of time and sarcasm to be Akub conservative and he does not deserve to wipe the alleys. "
He said the coalition united in its statement "on this false blather to know and sure, that offend women Mosul will not add to it , but a title worthy of it , which he misses manhood and integrity and honor, and it was this recipe , it is the weakest and most despicable that can touch a hair of the head of conductivity woman" , according to the statement described.
And met with the statements made ​​by Akub wide condemnation by deputies from the province of Nineveh , as well as members of the provincial council, where they demanded the resignation Akub, against the backdrop of what they called the "insults" , which appeared on his tongue to women Mosul.