Secrets of local newspapers to Beirut on Friday


Highlights of the secrets of the local newspapers on Friday, August 12, 2016.

* Day

- Vice future , he said: " It seems that the FPM did not read well visit MP Mohammad Raad to the army chief last week."

- Former Minister attends to open my services office in the Kesrouan region in preparation for his candidacy to the parliamentary elections.

- A United Nations officials in Lebanon confirmed that the international organization is not in Ward imposing resettlement Syrians in Lebanon.

- Political official , "said State List statelet as well, and if neglected first second will be erased."

* Ambassador

- Governmental references past and present agreed on the sidelines of the dialogue sessions on dissatisfaction with the performance of the Authority manages the vital sectors, describing them as "show".

- Interior Minister Nihat Hanged told his visitors that he advocates a "service - Republic of Beirut."

- One of the security officials to change a team in a public utility without the knowledge directly on the team.

* Maj . Gen.
- Wondered among political reasons that prevent the election of the governing body of a political council despite the lapse of more than three years to elect the president.
- Restricted invitations to appropriate national presidents, ministers, MPs and political events and excluded partisans.
- An official in the media station to pressure from several political forces to cram partisan staff in the organization is exposed.
* Republic
- Security agencies spotted a remarkable return to destinations pays suspicious groups, and people have had a role during the previous period.
- Politicians talking about the possibility of a "significant development" in the cooperation between the political parties to communicate, has paired concrete positives on the ground.
- Note observers not to provoke a political stream to stream another antagonist in the presidential file, in order to keep communication channels open with everyone.
* Building
- Considered the official in a political and balanced team in Lebanon that the continuation of some in procrastination and failure to decide on Parliamentary Electoral Law, it is not an issue that can be taken lightly and the belief that this method could allow the other to return to the law of "sixty", but should be aware of these and warn that it revolution may occur in the country, and perhaps the time has valid formula: "GS knife mesh p sixty!"