After the leak of documents .. Integrity confirms its commitment to the confidentiality of the investigation charges Obeidi
[Oan- Baghdad]
confirmed the Commission on Public Integrity, a keen interest in maintaining strict confidentiality in the investigation of the cause of Defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi and his accusations of corruption to Parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri and MPs and officials.
According to a statement of the Commission it received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, it "emphasizes its strong commitment to strict confidentiality in its investigative," stressing that "constructive endeavors to maintain the professionalism and impartiality, and standing at the same distance from all parties."
Authority and expressed " astonishment of the other leaked a number of documents and papers investigative special issue of interrogating Iraqi defense minister, rejecting this method which presents the regulatory and judicial organs to Dhana and Altcol and skepticism by some. "
The integrity that she" hopes that the national media not being misled by the aims Almserbin exposing professional and impartial regulatory and judicial organs into question through its contribution to the publication of documents and papers leaked. "
some of the local media have been published on Wednesday , news reports leaking a number of documents and papers investigative special issue of questioning of the Minister of defense, indicating that it will present those documents and papers to the public , respectively .