Citizen block demanding a change in provincial law

demanded the presidency bloc citizen to amend the law of provincial councils average No. 21 of the 2008 Law No. 19 of 2013 , which had been read a first reading at today 's meeting, which included the amendment of some articles , which calls for reducing the number of members of the provincial council and improve their performance and rationalize spending , including not affect performance Employment in the province and by the transfer of the administration of decentralization of powers to local governments.
And confirmed the presidency bloc said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Thursday that " the citizen bloc submitted another proposal to abolish the district councils and areas that are maintained on the rights of employees , " asking the Presidency of the Council of Representatives search committees and competent to expedite the creation the law for the second reading. "
the citizen 's bloc in its statement that we are " made ​​efforts in reducing the number of members of the House of Representatives but the constitutional article which says that each deputy represents [100,000] people represents an obstacle, note that the Federal Court did not agree on the interpretation that we have presented, which holds the the percentage of eligible to vote, which requires a constitutional amendment, " and hoped the parliamentary committee formed for this purpose , " the topic of interest to amend the constitution. "