Work to recover more than three billion dinars during this August

Dated: Thursday 08.11.2016 7:30

Today Iraq / Baghdad

The Minister of Labor, Social Protection Authority-time on Saturday of each week, to complete the recovery of amounts from Almottagaosen.mder process in the social protection fund -

Jacqueline Salio Elia, said these details: "The Minister of Labour - Mohammed Shia 'Al Sudani, the social protection body attendance Day Saturday, in order to avoid shortages in the existing owners, and to complete the remainder of the new social inclusion subsidy process, "

And also: "The minister directed to work on Saturday, comes in order to complete the client protection fund work in order to provide better service to citizens." Ilya expanded in the details: "The government has allocated an amount of (Trliuna 976) billion dinars for the body social protection over the years, to cover the amount of payments launched by the beneficiaries," and what is expected in terms of the launch of more customizations,

we read: "It is hoped installment launch the third of the benefits of social protection for the months of July and August at the end of next September, where he has been allocated an amount ranging between 240-270 billion dinars for the third batch, and that the commission pending the release of funds from the Ministry of Finance to be disbursed on schedule, "and the transactions completed:" underwent several audits in order to avoid any situation outside the legal framework, following ways that reduce and prevent administrative corruption ", either of what received by social protection Fund" received sums of three billion and 39 million dinars from squatters active on the social protection network, during the month of August, "and increased on this point: "the Commission continues to work to recover the amounts of squatters, and deposited in the Fund's account Rafidain Bank, before the expiry of the legal period instruments."

The ministry notification said: "The Ministry of Labour has launched on the tenth of April, the new inclusiveness, through special in its official electronic form, and stopped inclusiveness in mid-May after the number of applicants million, and in the beginning of Ramadan last year, launched the largest field survey of the social community, within the first meal, which amounted to more than 350 thousand Advanced ", and the ministry in coordination with the department of ironing card company and the Rafidain Bank, has announced the launch of subsidies every two months Exchange, instead of three months .

. in a move to relieve" the shoulders of the citizens "- according to the alleged source and then sealing the source with reference to the following: "the government has allocated 650 billion dinars, within the 2016 budget, the distribution of cash subsidies among the beneficiaries of social protection, as part of the Iraq policy, to fight poverty in the country."