The announcement of a coalition of national audiences
announced today the formation of a political coalition as the national masses.
A group of deputies from the Salah al - Din province and Salahuddin Governor Ahmed al - Jubouri said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Thursday , "We have recently worsened the suffering of our people displaced imprisoned Diaspora and tighten the noose around them in the besieged areas and in the cities of Sharqat and Hawija and tricks without the return of displaced persons them to the liberated areas and dashed the hopes of many of them in the development of the political agreements that have formed on the basis of which the government implemented through legislation , a number of important laws affecting the lives of people as well as posed by the legislation of an important step in the path of national reconciliation and in particular the **amnesty law and amending the accountability and justice Law . "
the statement continued that" each of the above, we have found it incumbent upon us we [ the coalition of national public] as a separate integral part of the entities that make up the alliance of Iraqi forces to call on the rest of the components of the coalition forces and political entities to give this issue the attention they deserve as priorities Introduction to all other secondary issues and invite them in this circumstance is difficult to close ranks and to reject discord and lack of preoccupation with the conflicts that may affect the completion of editing operations until the expulsion Daash of the last inch of the land of Iraq. "