A committee to consider achieving the target of offenses against the former head of the Iraqi Media Network

2016/8/11 18:36


Board of Trustees of the media form an investigative committee to examine offenses against the head of the Iraqi Media Network, the former Faisal Radhi Rikan network.

A statement by the Board of Trustees, the Agency has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Thursday it was "based on the provisions of the second paragraph of Article [15] of the Iraqi Media Network, Law No. 36 for the year 2015 The Board of Trustees Minutes numbered [36] held on 11- 8-2016 end the mandate of Faisal Radhi Rikan tasks of the interim Iraqi media network management.

The statement added that "the Council noted Halal tenure Rikan mismanagement and bring the children and relatives on a professional account, efficiency and violating regulations professional and moral behavior for network systems by issuing high-risk administrative orders depending on personal opinion site site of one of the House of Representatives as a non-official capacity and as stated in the book of the Committee on Culture and Information parliamentary No. [308's w s] in 08/09/2016 causing confusion in the work of the network and abuse to the reputation and credibility of the Council decided to form an investigative committee to examine these irregularities. "

The statement pointed out that "Rikan submitted a request to the Council transmits it to retire."

The Committee on Culture, Media representative, discussed on Thursday, with the head of the Board of Trustees on Alfalh controls the selection of trustees for the Iraqi Media Network and the financial allocations body.

The Alfalh according to a statement to the parliamentary committee, "It has been the development of new mechanisms at work in order to overcome all the problems and strengthening the work of the network and to ensure the impartiality and professionalism."

The book was issued by the Committee on Culture and Information parliamentary refers to the Federal Court decision on the Iraqi Media Network Act No. 26 of 2015 on the unconstitutionality of the work of the Board of Trustees of the Iraqi Media Network, and to stop the financial dues to them and as of the date of notification of the Federal Court. "

The Federal Supreme Court has received on 27 June last proceedings brought to challenge the Media Network Code, and found in the nomination that you should not be in and out of the House of Representatives, but the executive authority pursuant to the provisions of Article 47 of the Constitution, and it believes that the media network link Iraqi Council of Representatives is claimed to achieve neutrality and insurance goal. "

The Federal Court found, according to a statement that "the House of Representatives he should refer to the Council of Ministers before adding any financial burden on the government makes them unable to implement it as responsible for the implementation of the budget, including increasing the members of the Board of Trustees of six to nine members and the creation of a new watchdog the Iraqi media network, and this is not consistent with Article 62 / II of the Constitution and Article [31] of the rules of Procedure and therefore decided to cancel the articles of the law relating to the addition of new burdens on the budget without reference to the Council of Ministers. "