Basra demanding US and international support for the Southern provinces, similar to the western and northern counterparts

2016/08/11 16:47

Called on the head of the Basra Governorate Council, said Thursday the United States and the rest of the world, to support the provinces of southern Iraq, a material similar to the northern and western counterparts, and as he emphasized US Consul General to maintain, (590 km south of Baghdad), his country is seeking to secure Iraq's success, he noted that Basra contribute a pivotal role in it.

This came during a meeting with head of the Basra Governorate Council, Albzona morning, today, at the headquarters of the Council of the new US Consul in the province, Wen Dayton, the occasion of assuming the functions of his knowledge, and attended (range Press).

He Albzona during the meeting, "The US-Iraqi friendship epitomized the security agreement between the two countries and Oukovhma together in the fight against terrorist Daash gangs, as well as cultural and economic ties," calling, the United States and the rest of the world to "support the provinces in southern Iraq with funds for reconstruction being damaged and most of the projects parked, like the northern and western counterparts, as a result of previous wars in, whether with Iran or the first and second Gulf war. "

For his part, US Consul Wen Dayton, expressed the hope that the "upgrading of bilateral relations between the US and Iraq in general the two peoples and the people of the southern provinces especially," noting that "the sacrifices made by the security forces and the popular crowd, mostly from the southern provinces, which is a cause for pride."

Dayton stressed that "the priorities of his mission in Basra is to consolidate the relationship with Basra, especially in the field of trade and economic and cultural exchanges," returned to "the United States seeks to Iraq's success and that of Basra a pivotal role in that."

It is noteworthy that the new US consul, Wen Dayton, succeeded his predecessor, Steve Walker, was took office nearly a week as Consul General in Basra before, and that he was working before that as President of the Task Force mission fighting al (Daash) in Washington, the form at the request of President Park Obama.