Makghork: Abadi is "serious about hauling whales corruption to justice!"

11 August, 2016-11:18 am

Baghdad: Iraq News Network

a source revealed, on Thursday, about a secret meeting at the US Embassy in Baghdad in the presence of a representative of Obama Brett makghork to topple Prime Minister Haider Abadi.

The source said: "a secret meeting held late Wednesday night, in the American Embassy in the green zone in downtown Baghdad with the participation of the international investigators to study the files of corruption raised recently."

The source said the meeting included attending u.s. President's Envoy to the international coalition to fight ISIS Brett makghork ", adding that" the meeting also addressed reforms Prime Minister Haider Abadi ".

He noted that "there is resentment of America promises Abadi and procrastinate, especially the situation in Iraq constitutes a lowlight and most importantly in supporting the American elections", noting that "among the options that have been put forward during the meeting is jealously coming Abadi change."

And the Prime Minister's information Office said Haider Abadi, Iraq signed Thursday a memorandum of understanding with the United Nations to involve international investigators on corrupt files ".