International centers qualifying local trainers global efficiency

8/11/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein al - Tamimi Tgb

Human resources are the basis of development of all the world 's economies and the small ones of the family economy, as the work requires the development of manpower and expertise on an ongoing basis to keep pace with that seen in all sectors of the update of the potentials and programs that operate global centers to prepare local trainers international efficiently.

Ali Tariq , executive director of the Association of Iraqi private banks said «morning»: that Iraq needs to create specialized training centers in all provinces without exception to the urgent need to create the hands of a skilled workforce in all disciplines, noting that it stems from the great need for projects in all cities .

free economy and noted that Iraqi society is described as «young» this represents the most important elements of the success of the process of economic development pursued by the country in this important phase , which is a cross to the field of the free economy, passed by the Iraqi Constitution bridge, noting that despite the great difficulties that beset the stage this transition, but the signs of success are possible in light of the provision of the most important supporting infrastructure locally.

With regard to the training of workers in the banking sector Tariq said that the Association of banks adopted the periodic training plan to include all banking disciplines aimed at workers in the public and private sectors to enable them to important programs and bank Altguenat internationally accredited and conducting understandings to be transferred to Iraqi banks gradually to create a capable banking sector at the service of the citizen and enhance confidence between the parties.

global centers and pointed out that the association deals with global institutions regarding the training in order to prepare instructors to international standards, because the country lacks such expertise at the moment, pointing out that the number of experiences started in agreement with international specialized centers in the preparation of an international qualified instructors.

Ahmed al - Hashimi , director of training at the Association stressed his part, the existence of understandings with several institutions and most recently with the Foundation "Any Cams" American was cycle graduated in money laundering and terrorism financing obtained Co , which bypassed the recognized certificate from all over the world, and are communicating with the graduates of these courses after graduation , through the means of communication and provide them with questions on an ongoing basis for the renewal of their information. provide allocations Hashemi said the creation of local training competencies to achieve significant economic feasibility of all the institutions and the country 's economy, as it works on Tzver large financial amounts allocated to the training courses organized outside Iraq, it also provides the percentage large sums of money to be allocated to foreign coaches are recruited to lecturing, so they can create human competencies developed competing international experience.

He continued by saying that the Association is following the banks ' needs of banking competencies and give priorities as needed , coupled with the most important global technologies, pointing out that Iraq needs banking services to be able to deal with the large numbers required by the Iraqi economy, and be able to compete with existing branches of international banks in Iraq to create real competition.