Int develop new mechanisms to overcome Iraqi media network

Thu, 11 Aug 2016 10:47:46

Baghdad/Republic News media and Culture Committee discussed Thursday Parliamentary Commission of Trustees and selection controls financial allocations for the Iraqi media network.

The Deputy Chairman of the best eras in a statement "it has been a meeting host to the Chief in the Iraqi media network to arrive at the Parliamentary Commission during the meeting to discuss several topics, including the law of the Iraqi media network and the most important paragraphs in the law which has been challenged by the Federal Court.

Best attorney confirmed that discuss major obstacles facing media and network communications.

Int asserted by the statement "new mechanisms have been put in the work to overcome all problems and promote the work of the network and ensure its neutrality and professionalism".

Best referred to "discuss the controls and criteria for selection of trustee in terms of efficiency and professionalism as well as discuss the special financial allocations media network it is necessary to give to the Parliamentary Committee for discussion and submit them to the competent authorities.