Parliamentary economy benefits are "simple" loans do not affect citizens

2016/8/11 8:42

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} count parliamentary economy and Investment Committee member Harith al-Harithi, Thursday, the benefits of agricultural, industrial and commercial loans and residential even imposed on citizens as "simple".

Harithi said in a statement today, {Euphrates news} that "all industrial and agricultural loans, commercial and residential are very simple benefits to citizens and are liquidity for banks."

He added that its "confirmed during the last meeting with the managers of industrial, agricultural and commercial banks in addition to the good Bank and Rafidain that the fee is too simple for these banks needs requirements and wages and salaries of employees, so these simple benefits do not affect loans nor the citizens."

It is said that, the Cabinet agreed at its 31 May last, to launch a Government loan for housing, industry and agriculture sectors amount {5.6 trillion dinars} under the axis of economic reform and diversification of sources and transported from a productive economy and REI, transforming the economic system of the State of the consumer's system to multiple production system resources, as media spokesman announced the Office of Prime Minister Saad Al-Hadithi.

For his part expressed his willingness to Rafidain Bank and loan facilities to support different projects.