Electricity Meyssan announces completion of new secondary u.s. station feed

2016-08-11 10:25 a.m.

Baghdad scales news

Maysan electricity distribution Department, announced Thursday, for delivery of new u.s. station feed business (33/11 kV).

The Directorate said in a statement received postal Jassem Radi/balance of news copy, that "engineering and technical staffs in implementing projects of work of new secondary u.s. station feed (33/11 kV).

The statement added that "acts were using nutritious auspicious station (33/11 kV) which has since been banned in the past two months after moving from West station fed source mobile architecture (132/33 kV), and also of the work of the project d meet along (250 m), geographical and exits from the station expansion in architecture (132/33 k. p).

And, that "new secondary albitrh station under stations (four Schneider) which will come soon."

He continued, "the project within the Directorate General plan South electricity distribution, within the possibilities of the Directorate working (10) days," adding that "the goal of the project is to resolve bottlenecks in areas adjacent to the station.

He noted that "the work on this project was under preparation for summer to ensure stable power supply to areas that have been fed.

Mentions, that the Directorate of electricity distribution/Misan said earlier about plan to resolve bottlenecks in the electric grid through some secondary stations and pipelines (33 kV and 11 kV) with summer of populated areas