Daash lead the Washington Report on Religious Freedom

Twilight News / Daash dominated most of the pages of the annual report on religious freedom in the world, issued by the US State Department, which has condemned the extermination of the militant group for religious minorities of Christians and Yezidis.
The Foreign Ministry said that Daash continued brutal strategy that it considered "the extermination against the Yazidis, Christians, Shiites and other groups are weak in the territory controlled by Iraq and Syria." She added, in the joint on International Religious Freedom for 2015 Qrerha, that militants are responsible for acts of barbarism, such as massacres, torture, rape and other human beings the right to sexual and religious minorities and ethnic crimes. According to US law, the word "genocide" has legal implications, and has already been used by the US Secretary of State and UN experts to characterize the crimes committed by the extremist organization in Iraq and Syria. The report emphasized that militant groups like Daash, and Boko Haram, which is active in Nigeria, is the most brutal in committing abuses against religious freedom in the world. The report also highlighted the harassment, discrimination and violence, which includes genocide against minorities, with weakness and modesty laws that are incompatible with human rights universally recognized and undermine it. The report also referred to the acts committed against Sunni Muslims in Iran, and the steps to be taken against the Christians in China, and anti-Semitism in Europe, a complete lack of religious freedom in North Korea.