Political contradictions Mchdna

Sobhi asked him Yee / in the Kurdish political scene Facts and fundamentals can not be bypassed because it is solid and durable, and some of the variables is based on rational premises intact, others are based on fantasies and problems, conflicts and contradictions. Behind the curtain scene, pressures rob their beds, and the suffering and the circumstances of the crises varied, mostly harsh impact on the situation and prevent the healing of wounds, and some of the machinations of artificial and her roles and paths of sabotage targeting the man and his moral and basic needs, but accumulations threaten to retreat fearsome in the performance of security and service, judicial and financial services, the escalation meant to deepen the wounds and disrupt the progress, and the growing corruption and inequality, and dragging the tails of retreat and failure in most areas of life, and resolved, and this is , as they say (mind 's eye), and overcome the obstacles in front of the steps processed means accuracy in the calculation of the consequences and the absorption of responsibility and look to the future.
Many observers agree political process in the province, as they are sometimes subject to political mood is the simple complexity. Vallowahm Albany basis ambitions on the sofa fantasies, and distant from the ground perspective, does not know does not realize that he would be stripped of his fantasies , sooner or later , and then can not even stick to Boveal his dreams, and that the truth wherever Stzaajh be. The complex and temperamental, it tries to be people pushing discontent, and the derailment legal, constitutional and babysitter, and dissemination of the case the protest and chaos, through excess and arrogance, exaggeration stale and planning for sedition, slander and misinformation, deception and attacking frenzied, and the fabrication of cheap rumors and intrigues relentlessly in order to hide behind and not face the facts and in order to hide the tip of the iceberg , which can not be accepted, and to prevent exposure of all intentions embedded confusing and unfortunate that may be authorized dimensions, which are aimed generally Alchordstanyen, reveal growing manipulators and the destiny of the people.
In exchange for these people, there are people in the political scene pushing people toward optimism and the adoption of rational political traditions, to prevent the complex shift in the track to a disaster is difficult with it and understanding the language of dialogue, cast out trends that carry national and pan qualities that coincide with the premise of rationality, which bridges the cracks discrimination, and address ideas of anarchism full of distorting the facts and the tension and confusion, as support tendencies matched with reality in meaning and content, and compatible with the desires and aspirations of the public interest and that carry between futuristic concepts that ensure justice, equality and coexistence, dedicated building communicate confidence and joint work based on the objective and rational logic that manifests itself in recognizing the dimensions challenges and risks for us, and re - routes to the correct paths ..
Who looks carefully to the preparation of plans and multiple worksheets, and sizes of political and economic reform projects, logos and programs of the many raised in the political arena Kurdish, Lekhal we are embarking on a qualitative leap unique historical and Heading Towards toward restoring the correct paths and dues .. but so far, what has been achieved to outweighing the sacrifices of the people offered sacrifices and blood for the salvation of slavery and oppression, the people of Salt rivers of blood and sacrificed hundreds of thousands of its citizens, the people wanted to determine his desire and destiny and future and to live like other peoples free.
Every day we pass, and after each exercise aggressive, by Aldoaash, after all chauvinistic statement spiteful against us, by the Doaash policy. Make sure everyone how much is necessary and justified to understand the risks, and we read the facts, and that go beyond the contradictions and illusions and internal friction, and offer concessions to each other, rather than submit to others, and to unite to defend our interests.