Parliamentary committee atone Baath party and talk about trying to honor the "executioners"

Twilight News chairman of the martyrs and victims and political prisoners in Parliament, MP Abdul Ilah Naieli / called on Thursday not to allow to honor what he called the executioners belonging to the Baath Party "infidel."
He Naieli in an interview with MEMRI for Twilight News, "In a dangerous precedent trying some sympathizers of the infidel Baath regime to honor the executioners who ruled on the necks of the Iraqi people belonging to the devices repressive Baathist destructive, Roaattaihm rights and privileges in accordance with Article VII (a) and (b) of the Act justice and accountability, which states (((refer all staff as possible were at the rank member of the Division or a member of a branch of the Baath Party (defunct) before 09/04/2003 to retire on the basis of the grade that they occupied before their availability to work in the party and in accordance with the provisions of the unified Retirement Law No. (9) for the year 2014 and paragraph (b) which provides for the assignment of members of the repressive apparatus into retirement and payment of their pensions exception of the age requirement. " "We call on the parliamentary bloc and strongly reject this bill being honored executioner and underestimates the blood of the martyrs and their families."