Turkish Interior: removal of 76 thousand government employees against the backdrop of coup attempt

Turkish Interior Minister Ovkan Ala Wednesday, said that the total number of government employees are excluded from their jobs temporarily, as part of investigations into the coup attempt was about 76 thousand, while the total number of prisoners (judicial decisions) 16 thousand and 899 people, and arrested five thousand and 171 people.
During a television interview on the channel "NTV" Turkish, he explained, but the number of people released under judicial control amounted to seven thousand and 173 people, while the number of people who were released in full 3 thousand 601, according to Anadolu Agency. Turkish minister pointed out that there are 190 military on the run at the moment, including nine generals, in addition to 96 policemen, including 47 senior ranks, noting that imprisoned pending investigations, including "three thousand and 83 policemen, and seven thousand and 248 of the military, and two thousand and 288 judge and the attorney general. " He stressed that his ministry plans to recruit 20 thousand police, including 10 thousand special operations forces, after the end of legal proceedings.