Karbala: the families of surfaces take place to sleep because of the failure to deliver electric power and not to repair their vacations!

He said a number of citizens in Karbala, they make the surfaces of a place to sleep because of the electrical maintenance department of the failure of the Department of electricity Repair holidays to their areas while experiencing temperatures rise is preceded.
And live neighborhood 14 Ramadan area of ​​the large number of electrical transformers Alqtoat because of shoddy awarded to those areas central for the inability of maintenance will fix electrical holidays as quickly as required.
And see most of the government departments in Iraq sagging state administrative positions because of the use of indiscriminate appointments as a bargaining election time that the local government in Karbala laid off hundreds of workers to non-payment of wages daily for months. "
And the holy city of Karbala is witnessing frequent travel of senior officials out of the country over the past months by the time Alkrblaiaon suffers a lack of electrical power because of poor distribution and the inability Repair holidays by the authorities Almtsidih.