Targeting youth cafe in central Basra sound bomb

A security source in Basra province, on Thursday, that the bomb , believed to be the voice was detonated by unidentified persons on a youth cafe is located in the Gamah area, and did not result in a second blast of its kind aimed at the coffee shop in less than a month of injuries.
The source said in an interview, " The local SOUND - made ​​bomb was detonated by unknown assailants near a youth cafe (coffee shop) is located in the Gamah area within the city of Basra center , " noting that " the blast , which happened just before midnight behind the physical damage is relatively simple, and did not result in any casualties. "
The source , who requested anonymity , that " the police force existed quickly at the scene and opened an investigation into the attack," adding that " the attack was the second of its kind to be exposed to the same cafe in less than a month, where he was in the (July 25, 2016 ) to target a similar sound bomb caused material damage only. "