A parliamentary a greement to overthrow Balobeida for fear of turning his accusations to the government a year

2016-08-11 00:05:00 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Fear large blocs in the House of Representatives turned the accusations raised by the Defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi against his opponents to "parliamentary year" to escape the next interrogations. To avoid this in the independent, blocs agreed to the dismissal of Obeidi, according to some lawmakers.

In a related development, members of the coalition forces predicted that Saleem al - Jubouri announced his resignation from the presidency of the House of Representatives in the near future, especially after suffering for "Mujotain two - stroke" in a few months.

However, al - Jubouri, after judicially acquitted of charges raised by his defense minister, sticking out a return to office, warning the government of tampering with evidence that al - Obeidi condemn it .

The head of parliament, in a television interview on Tuesday evening, " I have asked Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi stop the hands of al - Obeidi in the Defense Ministry, until the resolution of Public in the judiciary, and to not be able to hide incriminating evidence."

Jubouri said he will take care of in this period to provide facts condemns Defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi, a withdrawal of confidence about him, and open the way to eliminate in order to "take a role in the hold him accountable on a false charge , " he said.

The Sunni sources revealed on Tuesday for a deal within the coalition forces to eliminate the return of al - Jubouri office, versus changes include the governments of Anbar and Nineveh Mahsubtin the Islamic Party.

Before about a week, he accused the defense minister, during his interrogation in front of parliament, al - Jubouri and a number of MPs to "blackmail" the corrupted files relating to contracts to import weapons, and to provide the Iraqi army with supplies.

A day after the decision to eliminate the release of the President of the Parliament and the charges dropped for "lack of evidence" against him, the judicial authority considered that the decision to release al - Jubouri , "is final and unappealable. Confirmed the possibility of re - investigation of the case not on new evidence.

This came after criticism of the judiciary due to the speed of resolving the issue of the Speaker of Parliament , which did not take more than two hours.

He pointed out that eliminating the problem of the judiciary to investigate the accusations launched by Defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi was "like a free and independent court in issuing rulings and decisions on according to its own grounds and these convictions."

The judiciary and confirmed that a decision to "release" Saleem al - Jubouri got to fill the "will" of the judiciary "without interference , " the Supreme Judicial Council. The judiciary has not ruled out re - opening of the investigation again. "If there is new evidence that raised"

And it decided the Integrity Committee in the House of Representatives, which had listened to the statements of al - Jubouri , twice, in addition to the defense minister and a number of the accused deputies, "no comment" on the decision of the judiciary. A member of the Committee that "the objectors resorting to discrimination."

Agreement among adults

To the detection of MP Ali al - Badri, the head of the Dawa Party - to organize inside, an agreement between the "big powers" in the House of Representatives to oust Defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi.

Al - Badri , said: "There is a political agreement between the large blocs on the dismissal of al - Obeidi , no matter how Bojobth conviction."

According to the National Alliance MP, the agreement was to prevent a repeat of what he did and the defense minister in the questioning session, than any other administrator. Confirms al - Badri , said the "big blocs will no longer allow to reveal corruption within the Council."

The MPs have warned exploit executives "year" enacted by the Secretary of Defense during the questioning session, to confuse and divert attention from them.

The MP said Haitham al - Jubouri, head of the parliamentary bloc efficiencies, through a press release, said that "these behaviors and irregularities if allowed to grow or repetition is the end of the clinical death of the regulatory role of the House of Representatives and the beginning of disastrous for the recovery and growth of corruption and the corrupt."

Jubouri revealed information "uncertain" about the intention of some officials and ministers in the future for "fabricating the charges and allegations against the respondents Incorrect House and some of the symbols that fights corruption and reveal its files."

Earlier, deputies considered the "hype" created by the defense minister in the House of Representatives, representing the "evasion" of the answer to interrogation questions, having found himself "close to dismissal."

Changing positions of the blocks

In the meantime, MP Ahmad al - Jarba, a member of coalition forces, difficult to predict the opinion of the political blocs on the fate of Defense Minister al - Obeidi.

Preferably Jarba, as he said , waiting for what will happen in the next session Monday , attributing it to " the volatility of the views of the political blocs."

Says MP from Nineveh " The political parties were in agreement, before the questioning of the defense minister 's meeting, to be sacked regardless of what he has to say, then changed her mind after that."

The House of Representatives may be postponed, on Tuesday, to vote on his conviction Obeidi answers to next Monday 's meeting, until the termination of the judiciary to achieve the latter charges.

Do Jubouri resign?

In addition, it is likely that provides Jarba Parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri his resignation shortly, for his inability to convince the two extremes in the House of Representatives.

And refers to a member of coalition forces , "al - Jubouri , the difficulty of communication between the two reform and other blocs , " likely that the President of the Parliament "will face mutual accusations from both sides if one side to the two teams."

And not far from Jarba, MP Abdulrahman Alloizi says , "In spite of the acquittal of the judiciary to the Speaker of Parliament of the charges against him, but he is no longer fit to stay in office."

He Alloizi, said in a statement that "al - Jubouri subjected to abuse his position twice in four months." In reference to the storming of the followers of the Sadrist parliament the end of last April, and charges of corruption that involved her face and his defense minister.

In turn , says MP Ali al - Badri , he said that "political leaders have supported al - Jubouri and influenced the decision of the judiciary."

The description, the speed of the decision "dangerous past." He pointed out that the evidence presented by the al - Obeidi to eliminate too many, and they "took two cars and it needs a long time to study them."

The members of the Integrity Commission had said that the defense minister did not submit to eliminate only the "sound recordings" some of which leaked on websites. Stressing that these leaks were not carrying "irrefutable proof".