A source reveals about Iraq 's use of international investigators to fight corruption

2016-08-11 01:01:00 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Revealed high - ranking source in the Iraqi government, Wednesday, investigators from the use of Iraq 's international anti - corruption, and among that it came within the reform plan to the Prime Minister, pointed out that these investigators will assume the investigation files of corruption a priority Ktherib Iraqi funds abroad.

The source said that " the Iraqi government will be signed on Thursday a memorandum of understanding with UNDP UN undp aims to involve international investigators to help Iraq investigate major corruption files , " noting that "This was to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the investigation and referral of those involved , whatever their position and prestige to the courts ".

The source , who asked not to be named, said the "memorandum of understanding comes in the context of the reform plan of the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi , which announced a year ago that targeted anti - corruption and drain its resources in the joints of the Iraqi state," adding that " the step to involve international investigators under the supervision of the Iraqi government and cooperation with the United Nations , aims to achieve the greatest degree of integrity and impartiality of the investigations, and ensure that the pressure on the judiciary and the integrity Commission and commissions of inquiry by the political forces and the powerful. "

The source stressed that "This is a serious step to eliminate corruption, particularly since international investigators long have similar experiences in several countries , " pointing out that " the terms of the agreement other reformist files in addition to the fight against corruption."

The source added that " the international investigators and in partnership with the Iraqi investigators will assume the investigation files of corruption a priority Ktherib Iraqi funds abroad and other large files , " explaining that "it gives real hope for the fight against corruption and prioritize the files in order of importance."

The source indicated that " the memorandum will include the provision of extensive training programs and the process for Iraqi investigators and the relevant authorities, in addition to activating the fight against corruption in Iraq in general system, which leads to raise the efficiency and significant Iraqi investigator," adding that " the memorandum is a summary preliminary agreement within the reform steps have been Abadi between the Secretary - General of the United Nations Ban Ki - moon during the latter 's visit to Baghdad in March 2015, to provide assistance to bring international expertise to help implement the reform program, which was held after the joint meetings ended with the signing of the memorandum on Thursday. "

Little Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, announced last January 9, 2016 in the eradication of corruption, and among that corruption has no religion or doctrine, he pointed to the existence of "collusion" between the corrupt and "terrorists."