The International Alliance performs 10 air strikes against Iraq in Daash
{Baghdad} Euphrates News International coalition forces carried out several sorties and strikes targeted the headquarters of the communities to organize Daash criminal in Iraq.
A statement by the international coalition briefed agency {Euphrates News} Accordingly, on Wednesday, he said that "coalition forces carried out the strikes in Iraq against the goals of the organization Daash terrorist, where coalition tenth forces carried out air strikes against targets organize Daash, in different areas , including near al - Baghdadi, blow one amassed missiles destroyed Daash and inflicted damage to a platform at all. "
he added that" another blow near hit, targeted unit tactical Daash destroyed combat positions to him and point for refueling, as well as a blow near the Kazak, targeted unit tactical Daash and the wheel was destroyed and three heaps of weapons
and blow Other painful near Mosul, targeting unit tactical Daash and resulted in the destruction of neutrophilic Daashah , "adding" Other ones near Qayyarah south of the city of Mosul strikes, which Drepettnan four generators belonging to gangs and 17 oil tank to Daash and number five rocket launchers and destroy five missiles destroyed the excavator to Daash and Daash mortar. as prevented Aldoaash to follow their progress in the terrain. "
the statement continued , " also directed to Daash Dharbtan in Ramadi, targeting unit tactical devastating two combat troops and three heaps his arms and one wheel and the site for the storage of the wheels of seven rocket launchers and lowered damage combat location to Daash and the entrance to the tunnel. "
he noted" areas of Sinjar coalition aircraft has brought strikes target factory plant an improvised explosive device in one fell swoop, either near Sultan Abdullah region, one strike on a large tactical unit Daash and destroyed seven sites collect him and three wheels of regulation, while stressing that strikes may Osamtaat site mortars continued to Daash ".anthy