The United States "regret" the occupation of Iraq 10/08/2016 08:30
Former senior US intelligence revealed that the decision to invade Iraq was more complicated than people imagine, but in the end it was the biggest mistake made by former US President George W. Bush.
And the transfer of the Washington Akzamnr site in an interview for Evan McMillan intelligence official as saying that "the decision to invade Iraq was very complicated but the biggest mistake made by former President George W. Bush."
"I have served in Iraq and I'm proud Trunked there, but I think that what we were doing there was a mistake and that he should not do this and I understand the reasons because I was in the CIA and heard justifications do not think it's been serving our interests."
The United States launched an invasion of Iraq in 2003 under the pretext of weapons of mass destruction but excavations inspectors has not announced finding any of the weapons that had been taken as a pretext for war, and the reason that these weapons were exported from the United States and the West to support Saddam Hussein's regime during the Iran-Iraq war.