Kanani announces his plan for the economy and the convergence of views between the private sector and Government in particular
August 10, 2016 1. 0

Our economy/Baghdad

Attorney Ahmed said Kanani, who was elected Wednesday to head the Parliamentary Committee on the economy and investment of its allotted to the Commission administration for the next two years.

Kanani said in a press statement that it would invest his relationship with the Government side and the private sector on the other hand to bring the views to allow Iraqi businessmen and investors and foreigners to take part in the development of the Iraqi economy and contribute to the advancement of.

That would be a priority of his agenda for its huge impact on Iraqi economy wheel rotation to create employment and rebuild infrastructure in the country.
Kanani noted that he would do everything he could to cooperate with the Committee members to activate the broken laws which enabled her to contribute to an increase in imports of non-oil fiscal state.

Nelly also confirmed on his way to launch a campaign to reevaluate a lot of economic laws to adjust who needs them and eliminate the problems that turn it into laws of obstructive isn't productive.

Kanani said that the economic plan to activate sub committees within the parliamentary economy Committee for representatives in their turn and follow the economic ministries and authorities concerned to monitor the parliamentary economy Committee and periodic meetings on inserting those institutions in ridding her of any administrative bottlenecks and provide any legislation needed in coordination with the Executive branch.