Statistics for [where]: a significant decrease sales of the dollar the central bank during the year
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According to statistics of the Central Bank of Iraq, the sale of the bank more than $ 18 billion in the auction for the sale of foreign currency since the beginning of this year 2016.
Statistical indicate According to the website of the bank that " the quantity sold to banks from the date of January 32 016 until Wednesday August 9, 2016, amounted to 18 billion and 728 million and 825 thousand and $ 376."
And recorded these sales significant decrease for the same period last year, reaching from the date of 4 / 1/2015 until 08/09/2015, [24] billion, and 978 million and 72 thousand and $ 626, a decrease of 6 billion, 249 million and 247 thousand and $ 250.
and sells CBI, in a weekly auction except public holidays amounts of dollar often in excess of $ 100 million, to banks and companies remittance.
the official document of the Finance Committee in Parliament revealed that the central bank sold the amount of the US dollar in the past year 2015 more than Iraq 's imports of foreign currency obtained from the sale of crude oil in the same year.
showed the document to state revenues of oil for the year 2015 amounted to $ 38 billion, while sales of the bank was the same year more than $ 44 billion , a difference of more than five billion dollars, that is what sold Iraq of foreign currency more than its imports from them.
it is said that he recently noted that the sales the central bank auction recorded a decrease is the lowest it months ago , where no more than a month barrier of $ 150 million compared with the previous - month period and even after the financial crisis that began with a decline in oil prices in July 2014 and were ranging between 225 to 300 million dollars and sometimes more.